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Competition in swimming

Meeting devoted to Juliusz Słowacki

Like every at the end of April, the third year students sat their final exams.
One year ago they were to take only two parts. This year, however, the exams consist of three parts.
In our school the exams were taken by about 170 students.

On 3 rd May
On 3 rd May 1791 the government of Poland proclaimed a constitution, the first in Europe and the second in the world. At present, in Poland 2nd May is a national holiday. Thanks to our teachers – Mrs. Magdalena Wolan and Mrs. Halina Pelczarska – we had an opportunity to watch a performance connected with the history of Poland, which was prepared by a group of students named “Antrakt”. At the end of the event the headmaster, Mr. Paweł Stefański, encouraged the teachers and the students to actively participate in the celebrations of May 3rd organized by the council of Sanok.

A Day of the Student Government
This year our school celebrated the first day of the spring season, which was called “A Day of the Student Government”.
The purpose of the event was to prepare the young people for democracy. The day started with a school assembly, during which the head teacher handed in a symbolic key to the head boy of the school as a sign of the students’ rule.
After that each class gave a short performance (like singing, dancing or quiz shows) for which the scored points. They were all meticulously prepared and we cannot wait for the winner to be announced.

The best class
During the competition each class was to gather points for different forms of activity, like playing in a school drama or reading books. The best class in the competition turned out to be 3a. The reward was a pizza. The second and the third place belong to 2b an 2d respectively.

On 5th February in our Gimnazjum took place ‘Collin McRae Rally 2 Turnamment’. There were 22 competitors from SP1 and G1, who had to play on 6 tracks located in countries like France, Greece, Finland, England etc. Competitors could choose a car from a wide variety of vehicles. The final results are:
1st place- Symon Kulikowski (class 2A, G1)
2nd place- Bartosz Bigos (class 3F, G1)
3rd place- Jakub Adamiak (class 3E, G1)
The firs place won Computer Steering Wheel, the second place won Computer Mouse and the third place won Computer Keyboard for games. The rest of players received certificates and small gifts.

On 14th-16th January the third year students took part in the mock exam concerning the subjects of English, Mathematics, Biology, Polish and History. The results of the exam are very important because the students have an opportunity to check their knowledge and their resistance to stress connected with this exam. They can also correct their own mistakes and prepare better for the official exam in April. We wish them all the best of luck.

Symbols of Great Britain or of the USA
At the beggining of June there took place a competition in which pupils presented projects on the theme "Symbols of the Great Britain or of the USA". There is an exhibition of the projects in 01. The most interesting works were those of Marta Piecuch (3B), Judyta Kata and Fagmara Wosik (1E) Anna Jamnka and Weronika Bończak (2E). The competition was organised by A. Maciejczak.

Unforgettable cruise
On 9th of March 2007 about 40 teenagers and couriers went to Genoa in Italy to sail on 50 meter ship Pogoria. The journey had been invented by director of our school Mr. Stefański. Trip to Italy lasted 24 hours but happiness from seeing the Mediterranean Sea was so great that everybody immediately forgot about tiredness. Tomasz Burnatowski said that it had been bigger than he had thought it would be. 32 meter mast reaches 10th floor, but when you’re on the top with some line securing (not everybody is able to do this because of fear) you feel like the Spiderman. I wish there had been a strong storm, but unfortunately there was no wind and a cloudless sky. Some friends had problems with sea-sickness, but after 3 days they were not ill. While the voyage we visited ports like: Monte Carlo, Portovenere, Portoferaio and Villa Franche. We had 2 Italians on the ship so our English skills improved a bit. In towns we often went to the city centre to see the Italian life. However, we mustn’t have been lazy on the ship. There was always some job to do: helping in the kitchen, washing the deck, pulling ropes and climbing on the mast. To sum up, we had a lot of fun, we experienced many adventures and, of course, we’ll never forget that cruise. Were waiting for another one on Pogoria too. If your looking for unforgettable experience you have to check this out. Ignacy Oleszczuk

20th March was a very unusual day at our school. Instead of having regular classes we moved back to the ancient times. Not only could we find out what the life of famous philosophers looked like in those days, but we could also admire the pyramids of Egypt, learn the techniques of embalming, and fathom the mysteries of Mount Olympus which was the home of the Twelve Olympians. The highlight of the day was certainly the ancient circus where the gladiators fought fiercely for their lives. We could see the blood of the wounded, hear the groans of the defeated and the sighs of relief of the victors. For the squeamish there were Irish dances and a Celtic legend about a king's son, who fell in love with a beautiful Fairy Queen and was forced to abandon his kingdom.

On February 1st we are organizing a Valentine's disco. You may come with a partner but you will need to report that to your form captain (Tuesday 30th at the latest). The admission charge is only 2 and 3 PLN.

Drama meeting
The central theme of the drama meeting organized at the school library on 19th February was "angels". Apart from reciting poems, the pupils could taste delicious cakes and pies prepared for the occasion by one of the teachers and three schoolgirls.

First Aid Course
On December 15th the student council arranged a First Aid Training to be organized at our school. About one hundred pupils had an opportunity to learn specific skills necessary to save life in emergency situations.

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