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History of Gimnazjum No 1 in Sanok

Studying was not an easy task in Sanok in the early post war years. The main reason for that was the lack of adequate premises. For the first 16 years after the war, there was not a single new building in the city that could be utilized as a primary school. To paint a picture of the prevalent conditions at the time, it suffices to say that the classes took place in crowded rooms (over 40 pupils in one classroom) where a simple desk was a rare luxury. There were no gymnasiums and the gloomy corridors were not making the breaks any more relaxing.

The first step to improve the situation was the erection of a new building on Kochanowskiego Street in 1961. This was the first new school in the city since the war ended. We can read about the impression it made in our school chronicle, which was maintained since the inception. An entry by Jadwiga Bar reads the following` The school is very impressive, both inside and outside. The classrooms are roomy, bright and aesthetically pleasing. The corridors are long and wide as if made for taking strolls and playing. The gymnasium and the offices are well equipped with new gear for the kids to conduct various exercises and experiments.

Worth mentioning is the fact, which perhaps in not known by many of Sanok residents, that th history of the Primary School No. 1 (namesake Wladyslaw Broniewski) dates all the way back to 1911. Back then, the four-class Men School (Grzegorz from Sanok namesake) came into being. It als o existed after The War but already as the Primary School No. 1. The school was located on Konarskiego Street (today's Training and Special Education Center). In April of 1962, when construction of the new building was completed, the school relocated to Kochanowskiego Street and received a new patron - Wladyslaw Broniewski. The school flag with the effigy of W. Broniewski was founded in 1975 by Sa nok's Gas Mining Company. Thus, the Primary School No. 1 is the direct continuator of the educationa l tradition which started just at the beginning of the last century.

In 1961 the school's management was entrusted to Wladyslaw Kseniak, who was a headmaster for over 13 years. The subsequent headmasters were: Kazimiera Kmiecik from 1974, Andrzej Bartnik from 1984 and Halina Czyzydlo from1988. The last headmaster was Magdalena Rachwal (from 1999) and it was during her tenure when SP No. 1 was "shut down", just to be transformed into Junior High School No. 1 (Gimnazjum nr.1). During the closing ceremony, Mrs. Rachwal emphasized school's active participation in the cultural and social life of the city, over the many years of school's existence: `It is impossible in a short time to list the numerous achievements of both our pupils and our teachers. (�) At the beginnings of its existence, on the "cultural desert" of this city district, our school was the only educational facility - sort of a branch of city's cultural events center and a hub for many youth organizations. And I think it really fulfilled its role. Refering to the future activities of the Junior High School, Mrs. Rachwal added:` We have reasons for hapiness. We have just realised the edutational reform and I belive that we can be proud of our work`.

Looking at the pages of the school chronicle takes you on a time travel. The pictures (first white &black, now colour) show classes after classes of former students. Many Sanokians would recognize themselves, their parents and friends. These people looked very nice in uniforms with white collars (still, I think it's a pity that pupils do not have to wear these kinds of outfits). On the pictures one can find teachers of the primary school and also the present teachers.

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